Friday, January 18, 2008

How to get AdBrite to work on your Office Live Basics website

Well, this turned out to be easier than I originally thought it would be.

  1. Create a separate blank .html file in notepad named adbrite.html
  2. Paste your AdBrite code into the adbrite.html file and save it
  3. Upload your adbrite.html file to your Document Gallery in your office live basics account
  4. Add a HTML module to your office live basics page where you want the AdBrite ad to be placed
  5. Put an < iframe > inside the HTML module like this (note that size of iframe will differ depending on what size ad you are placing, and be sure to replace 'your_domain_name_here' with your actual domain name... in my case it was '')
    < iframe src="http://your_domain_name_here/Documents/adbrite.html" height="100" width="800" frameborder="0" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" > </iframe>

And there you have it. You can now put AdBrite ads on your office live basics pages. This same method works for many other things you might want to embed into your site. Using the same method above I was able to get my statcounter code to work for office live basics. It will also work for google adsense ads. I hope this helped.