Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ryobi 18v Batteries and Chargers

The most interesting and informative site I found is located here:

  • - Great site that talks about power and compares different models of the 18v batteries.  This is also where I learned for fact what I already suspected.  the Lithium Ion batteries require a dual-chemistry charger, and cannot be charged with the NiCad charger, but you can charge the NiCad batteries with the dual-chemistry charger.
My NiCad batteries for my Ryobi tools have started to fade... one basically doesn't hold a charge at all.  This has put me in the market for new battery replacements.

I'm trying to get a similar price to this deal posted on -
But wondering if I can find a combo deal that includes a charger, as I'll need the new charger for the Lithium Ion batteries.