Wednesday, October 21, 2009

H1N1 does have Thimerosal ( a Mercury based preservative) in it...confirmed by the CDC

Oh man this makes me irritated... The below is quoted from the CDC questions and answers page about the H1N1 vaccine...

Does the 2009 H1N1 flu shot have mercury in it?

There is no evidence that thimerosal (a mercury preservative in vaccine that comes in multi-dose vials) is harmful to a pregnant woman or a fetus.

The part in parenthesis answers the question... YES, Thimerosal is in the vaccine, and it is a MERCURY based preservative.
However, because some women are concerned about thimerosal during pregnancy, vaccine companies are making preservative-free seasonal flu vaccine and 2009 H1N1 flu vaccine in single dose syringes for pregnant women and small children. CDC advises pregnant women to get flu shots either with or without thimerosal.

Full Q&A page from CDC

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Google Wave Invite Contest

Google Wave Invite Contest

Ok, I need to nominate some google wave invites. I figured I'd have some fun with it by having a contest to see who can create the wackiest MyEyes picture and post it to twitpic with my twitter username @mattssmith in the message. For now I'm only going to give out one invite / nomination to the winner of the contest, but if there are enough awesome pictures submitted, I will consider a second and third place prize of invites / nominations. So get creative!


1. Post a Wacky twitpic picture via MyEyes iPhone application with my twitter name in the message.

2. No inappropriate material. (basically, if not safe for work, you are auto-disqualified)

3. Must have at least one Eye from the MyEyes iPhone application.

4. Contest will end on Friday October 16th 2009 at Midnight, and winner will be announce on my blog Saturday October 17th 2009. (at which point the winner will need to have a way to get me their email address for the invite.)

P.S. You can post as many Wacky pictures as you like, but be careful, only the latest / most recent post will be used in the contest.