Monday, December 03, 2007

A St. Louis rarity in this day and age...

We went out to eat last night around 6:15pm... we decided to grab a St. Louis rarity in this day and age... the newly opened Wendys in St. Peters, MO... It has been non-stop packed traffic to this restaurant... every time we drive by the drive through line is out into the the street and all the spots in the parking lot are full. You look into the windows and you can see almost every table is full of people and a long line to wait in to order. People are drinking their vanilla and chocolate Frosties and enjoying their 99 cent Jr. bacon cheese burgers with 99 cent small fries.

The three of us got 7 items and 2 waters for at total of $7.13! Gotta love Wendys!
2 Jr. Bacon Cheese Burgers,
1 Spicy Chicken sandwich,
1 Yogurt Cup (with granola)
1 cup of mandarin oranges,
1 small fries
1 baked potato
2 waters

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Matt said...

I can't believe it! One of the best items that kept us going to Wendy's as a family has been discontinued... at least locally in St. Peters, MO the Wendy's no longer carries yogurt! This was great for my daughter... and now will make us thing twice about going their for meals. :(