Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dominos Pizza online ordering impressed me today.

I've tried the whole online ordering of pizza before with different sites and not been that impressed...
My past experiences with this type of service has been sites that lack all the different options, and even seem to end up charging more than if I had bought it over the phone. Unbelievable right. Anyhow, I was looking up Dominos Pizza phone number online today and up popped a $5 off 1 large pizza if ordered online (I was going to go for the 3 mediums for $5.55 each and have left overs...) I decided to try the online order to see what the price would be... turned out to be $5.99 for 1 large. So that sounded great, and it would keep us from over eating. Then I found out you can earn points per $.01 spent ordering pizzas online at Dominos.. added bonus. And to top it all off they have this cool Pizza tracker which is accurate to 60 seconds.. even put the name of the person and time they put my pizza into the oven... pretty cool! Long story short, I recommend trying to order your next Dominos pizza online. I think you'll enjoy it!

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