Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Found some issues with iOS4 so far... other than that, GREAT!

Apple's iOS4 upgrade went pretty smooth... I did have to upgrade iTunes first, which made it take slightly longer, but other than that...not too bad. Here are a few bugs I've noticed so far...

1. NEW - NO SIGNAL with my 3GS iphone on iOS4 at and around my house... AT&T claims it's because I upgraded to iOS4... at work though I get full 3G signal with no issues.... seems more like an AT&T problem than an iOS4 problem. :(

2. Update: This is now working... must of been some strange scenario... Videos can no longer be trimmed / clipped with a 3GS iPhone. Is this their way of trying to force you to get an iPhone 4 with iMovie? UPDATE 2: Actually, there is a minimum size you can trim the video to when it is in landscape mode... if I rotate to portrait mode, I can trim further... not a huge fan of that, but at least there's a work around.

3. The camera roll is not getting updated after taking pictures / videos with camera unless entering from within the camera itself.

4. Some websites that request to use my location immediately cause safari t crash. (mainly m.stlouisgasprices.com at the moment) Update: This seems to be sporadic, but still happens quite often.

Let me know if you've found any additional issues and I will update my post

UPDATE: First Crash in a long while just happened while using iOS4...was listening to Pandora in the background flipping between apps... went into the Mail app and was reading my email.. then tried to open up the next email and everything froze. Had to hold down the power button and the home button to restart.

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