Monday, April 07, 2008

Connection has timed out when trying to hit Google...

Over the past couple weeks I have been getting this error message saying, "The connection has timed out" when trying to reach google related websites such as and ... I even got it the first time I tried to login to blogger to write this post. It has really been frustrating and I'm beginning to wonder if it is a problem with my ISP (Charter Communications) or if Google is truly having problems? In any case, I have been forced to use Yahoo! when I am unable to access Google. This is disappointing and I hope that my issues will be resolved soon. If anyone has any suggestions on ways I can remedy this problem, please let me know. Thanks!

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Maikel said...

Hey Matt, ive the same problem
i cant use youtube now and that is verry dissapointing. i want to fix it.
can you let me know how you fixed it when you fix it?